Metal pressing

    Stamping, Bending and Laser Cutting
    Prototypes & Preseries
    Lead time: 8 to 16 working days (including transport)
    Volume from 1 to 500 units

    Parts that can measure just a few millimeters to over a meter.

  • Tolerances

    Standard: +/- 0.20 mm every 100 mm
    Accuracy: According to your PDF files.

  • Materials

    Different grades of:
    Aluminum sheets
    Steel sheets
    Stainless steel sheets
    Copper sheets
    Brass sheets

  • Finishing options

    Paints (powders & epoxies)
    Polishing &  Sandblasting
    Treatments for metal parts: Zinc coating, Nickel Coating,Anodizing for any color, Tin plating,Burnishing...Etc

    Our machinery and tools

    Stamping presses
    CN bending presses
    5-axis laser-cutting machines
    5-axis wire-cutting machines