Vacuum casting

    Silicone molding
    Prototypes & Preseries
    Lead time: 7 to 10 working days (including transport)
    Production from 5 to 100 units

    Why choose vacuum casting?

    Preseries of prototype parts can be made in polyurethane resin using vacuum molding in a silicone mold, based on a master machined in ABS,PA,POM, PMMA and PC.

    Silicone material can be cast into a POM mold.

  • Materials

    Several flexible, rigid, transparent and light-diffusing polyurethane resins
    Possibility of overmolding and adding inserts

  • Tolerances

    Standard: +/- 0.20 mm every 100 mm

  • Our machinery and tools

    5 vacuum casting machines
    2 heat chambers

    Finishing options:

    Paints:From a RAL or PANTONE reference, or a sample,
    All kinds of finishing: Satin, glossy, matte, soft touch,
    textured and chrome-style painting
    Polishing:Smooth and shiny appearance (stereolithography)

    Vacuum casting benefits to your low-volume production